About us

Aesthetic Clinic Esbeltia is an Aesthetic Medical Center that has a specialized professional health staff that is committed to the quality of the aesthetic services offered. Aesthetic Clinic Esbeltia was born with the firm will to position itself in the aesthetics sector, at the best possible price and without conditioning its clients with long-term continuity commitments.

Aesthetic Clinic Esbeltia has a sanitary origin, being a new extension of a Healthcare Business Group with more than twenty years of experience in the sector of medical specialties. To satisfy an old demand of its customers, this new extension in the aesthetic sector is born.

Since its inception, we are used to having very loyal, but demanding customers. Upon request and in gratitude to them, this Business Group wants to offer its old and new clients a wide range of aesthetic medical services, renouncing to apply abusive economic charges, but keeping the excellence in the services we offer.

The success of our treatments is based on the quality of our professionals, equipment and facilities. We have specialized units in:

  • Depilation.
  • Thinning (ultracavitation, radiofrequency, lipolaser, pressotherapy, electrotherapy)
  • Facial rejuvenation (Botox, tension threads, hyaluronic acid fillers, mesotherapy).
  • Varicose sclerosis.
  • Advanced aesthetics (facial hygiene, hydration, anti-wrinkle).
  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery through the BONOMEDICO Business Group (you can check the website at bonomedico.es).

In Esbeltia Clinic we are committed to your health and well-being, that is why our patients enjoy a triple guarantee:

  • Personalized information and advice
  • Constant medical control.
  • Intensive follow-up.

Only in this way do we work with the security and tranquility of being good SPECIALISTS IN RESULTS.

Esbeltia is located in the heart of Malaga, on Manuel Agustín Heredia Avenue, 28.