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What are mega capillary sessions?

Both the capillary mega sessions and the super-mega sessions are surgical methods aimed at performing hair grafts. Broadly speaking, one and the other could be described as that unique process during which multiple hair transplants are undertaken.

Thus, in a super-mega session, the number of follicular units grafted is between 7,000 and 10,000. For its part, in a mega session, this number would range between 2,500 and 5,000 units.

Experts in hair treatments claim that, deciding on a session of these characteristics, is the ideal alternative for many patients, since it is widely accepted that the more grafts are performed per session, the greater the possibility that the permanence of the results increases.

However, it is not advisable to practice super-mega sessions in any person, because it is necessary that it has sufficient density in the donor area to extract a number of important follicles.

How is a mega capillary session performed?

The procedures that can be used to carry out a capillary mega session are:

The method that can be used to carry out a capillary mega session are FUSS or FUE.

The method that can be used to carry out a capillary mega session are FUSS or FUE.

Both techniques can be used in the practice of a mega session, although, in this sense, the last word will correspond to the hair surgeon, who will opt for one or another method after having carefully analyzed the specific situation of each patient and considering the amplitude of its receiving area.

A mega session will run several times, getting to graft between 2,500 and 5,000 daily follicles. However, for this it is essential that the center has a qualified team of specialists and the required material, so that the entire process is carried out with absolute normality.

This is how mega session with the FUSS method goes

Normally, the goal of any hair graft is to repopulate the largest possible surface of the scalp in a single session, as this would not have to redo the procedure. What happens is that, to achieve it, the two premises already mentioned are necessary:

  • Sufficient capillary density in your donor area.
  • Ability of the surgeon to undertake such an amount of insertions.

In those capillary mega sessions that use the strip procedure or FUSS technique, approximately 3,000 to 3,500 follicular units could be implanted. For its part, this figure could reach 5,000 units in case of practicing a super-mega session with the FUSS method, with 3,500 minimum units grafted.

Of course, if the goal is to complete the surgery in about 12 hours, the group of professionals must be composed of doctors, assistants and anesthetists properly experienced and coordinated with each other, it’s the only possible way to affect the entire of the surgical process efficiently.

In capillary mega sessions that use FUSS technique, approximately 3,000 to 3,500 follicular units could be implanted.

What are its characteristics with the FUE method?

The great benefits of this technique in a mega session

It’s most usual that, those people whose degree of baldness has progressed considerably, express to the specialized clinic that they visit, that their intention is to undergo the hair graft making the minimum amount of sessions and implants viable.

This wish could be realized in a high percentage of these patients by using the method of individual extraction of follicles or FUE, with which their aesthetic improvement will be more than evident after only a couple of sessions. In certain cases, with a single session will be enough to check its excellent results.

Regarding the fundamental advantages that the FUE surgical procedure provides in a capillary mega session, we have:

  • Lower number of sessions.
  • Decrease in the final price.
  • Outstanding preference of the donor area.
  • Optimal distribution in the receiving area.
  • Shorter recovery.
  • Possibility of covering more surface per session.

What conditions must be given to apply for the FUE technique?

As it happened in the previous case of the FUSS technique, the FUE method must be carried out by a group of specialists with the trajectory and skill that the application of this process requires. For this reason, the importance of selecting a hair surgeon who has the proper preparation and thus avoid unpleasant surprises is paramount.

All those subjects who can be considered fit to undergo the application of the FUE method, usually achieve a greater number of hair grafts than if they had opted for a different procedure.

Capillary mega sessions cover the maximum possible area of ​​the receiving area and in one session.

Capillary mega sessions cover the maximum possible area of ​​the receiving area and in one session.

Moreover, there are certain situations in which the surgeon could advise certain patients who had chosen the FUSS method and who had undergone one or two sessions with this technique -and without too much success-, to do it again but with the FUE method. It would also be useful if the resulting scars were too visible.

Mega capillary sessions: main benefits

As we have already mentioned previously, the basic purpose pursued by the practice of capillary mega sessions is none other than to cover the maximum possible area of ​​the receiving area and in a single session, which would entail a series of advantages that are listed below:

  • Need for fewer surgeries.
  • Option to graft a higher number of follicular units, reaching a higher capillary density.
  • Higher survival rate of implanted follicles.
  • Possibility of covering larger areas.
  • Practical invisibility of posterior scars due to the abundant quantity of grafted hair.
  • Inferior duration of the surgical process. In case of being in the hands of the adequate medical equipment, the patient will be able to leave the clinic much earlier than in principle could be imagined.
  • Full satisfaction with the optimization of the results obtained, which, in addition, will be characterized by their great naturalness.

The safety of the process of a mega capillary session is beyond doubt, fully meeting the expectations of their patients if they were performed in exclusive capillary centers and with a team of guarantee specialists.

In this sense, we re-emphasize the extraordinary relevance of a careful selection of the hair surgeon responsible for the execution of this method, since it takes a lot of experience and a host of previous practices to achieve the expertise and aptitude that capillary mega sessions require.

The purpose pursued by the practice of capillary mega sessions is none other than to cover the maximum possible area.

Is a mega session preferable to the succession of small hair grafts?

There are certain experts who indicate to their patients the convenience of carrying out a series of brief procedures of capillary implantation and not practicing all the grafts in a single session, although in this a considerable amount of insertions is made.

However, in most cases, this recommendation finds its origin in the very lower price of each short treatment, a situation that is aggravated in certain cases of specialists whose emoluments depend on the number of hair transplants performed.

Thus, at first sight, the patient may have the impression that the financial outlay he will have to face will be less if he chooses to undergo several small surgeries, but the costs associated with them should be analyzed in depth to verify that the final amount does not exceed that of the capillary mega sessions.

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