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When is it preferable to have a hair graft?

The ideal time for a hair transplant, if we start from the basis that the state of health that a person enjoys is appropriate and so are the density and quality of your hair, could be any. That is to say, independently of the age, it could opt for the accomplishment of a surgery of capillary micro implant.

In addition, the growing emergence of increasingly sophisticated procedures and tools opens up a new range of possibilities and broadens the initial perspective of hair grafting.

Would it be possible to undertake a hair surgery at any time?

If the density and quality of the hair is good, the ideal time for a capillary grafting could be any.

If the density and quality of the hair is good, the ideal time for a capillary grafting could be any.

In this sense, although, at the time of undertaking a hair transplant, in the past there was no other option but to wait until the degree of baldness of the subject was very marked -by reason of the considerable number of implants practiced-, nowadays it’s combined hair transplanted in those areas most affected by alopecia.

Therefore, performing a capillary graft at an early age will facilitate the achievement of a higher density in the short term, although its only advantage lies not here. Later, when a few years have passed and the fall of the hair has occurred, the appearance of the individual will not be characterized by his depopulated head.

Of course, it’s time to apply the previous theory to a practical assumption, and although the viable age range to materialize a capillary implant extends from 18 years to 80, practically all experts consider it advisable to treat people who are between 30 and 40, since it favors the prognosis of the development of baldness.

When the hair transplant is performed on younger people, the most likely consequence is that, years later, they have to go through the operating room again to undergo a second hair surgery, since the hair loss will continue its course through the influence of the DHT hormone on hair that had not been previously grafted.

If this hypothesis is considered valid, it’s probably advisable to wait until the hair loss starts to stop on its own, which is why young people who have not yet reached their thirties are not usually able to practice a hair loss. capillary graft.

And, in these persons, alopecia does not follow a constant pattern. Faced with this situation, it’s most likely that the distribution of implanted hair leaves much to be desired, because, as previously mentioned, this could continue to fall.

The ideal time for a hair transplant could be any if we start from the basis that the density and quality of the hair is good.

What are the disadvantages of implanting hair at an early age?

Regardless of the patient's age, despite the fact that it usually appears more frequently in younger patients, if alopecia doesn’t have the advisable continuity, the best alternative would initially be to resort to some pharmacological treatment.

In this way, thanks to the action of drugs such as Minoxidil and Finasteride and the very course of time, baldness will reach the stability required to, now, be able to undertake hair micrografting surgery with maximum guarantees of success.

Apart from all of the above, it would not be strange if too young patients did not have the necessary maturity to have expectations that were adjusted to reality with respect to the results that could be achieved. So the patient need to know the ideal moment for a hair transplant.

The patient need to know the ideal moment for a hair transplant and have the necessary maturity to have expectations.

The patient need to know the ideal moment for a hair transplant and have the necessary maturity to have expectations.

Also, they could have formed a wrong idea of ​​the goal of a beauty treatment such as the hair implant or require that the front line of the surgery is located in an excessively inferior plane, without understanding that this option would in the long term a very unnatural appearance of your scalp.

In short, the most advisable thing is that the initial point of view adopted by the patient is not too aggressive, since the evolution of alopecia could be still changing at a certain age. However, being strictly technical, it would be possible to carry out the surgery through the two most common procedures:

Other factors that affect the hair transplant

As is logical, and in addition to considering as a fundamental condition the fact of taking into account the patient's age, there are another series of aspects that, in one way or another, would determine the final result of this capillary surgery, such as:

  • Density and peculiarities of the donor area.
  • Area of ​​the receiving area to be covered.
  • Number of hair follicles present in each follicular unit.
  • Gender of the patient
  • Ethnicity to which it belongs.
  • Structure of your hair.
  • Hair tone, etc.

If, despite all the information detailed in this article, you still have some doubts about the appropriate age to undergo a hair graft, it is advisable to visit an expert in the field who is sufficiently qualified and has the necessary trajectory in this class of hair treatments.

He, better than anyone, will inform the patient about the ideal moment for a hair transplant or if it’s preferable to wait some time to go through the operating room. And all this regardless of the age that has already met the same. It should not be overlooked, that the goal of both parties is to achieve optimal surgical results.

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