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Does grafted hair look natural?

The expertise of the surgeon, key to obtain the ideal naturalness

The results of the capillary graft has a natural appearance when certain requirements are met. The first and fundamental, that the surgeon selected by the patient, has extensive experience in this type of surgical treatment, because their work is considered essential to equip the implanted hair with the desired aspect on one hand and on the other hand.

Any person who’s contemplating the option of going through the operating room and being exposed to a hair transplant, has to focus the necessary efforts in the search and election of a hair surgeon who possesses both the required technical knowledge and the sufficient trajectory in hair grafts.

And it’s that an expert with a considerable number of practical cases behind him, will have the skill and caution that are needed at the time of executing any of the phases in which the intervention is divided and that will determine the naturalness and aesthetics of the definitive surgical result of the capillary graft.

The surgeon will determine the naturalness of the result of the capillary graft.

The surgeon will determine the naturalness of the result of the capillary graft.

What aspects of the capillary graft should the patient be informed about?

In line with the above, it’s also vital that the hair surgeon discuss with the patient all the details of the procedure to be carried out, such as the following:

Key factors for a natural hair transplant

The final objective of achieving the most natural result of the capillary graft after the surgery will depend on the evaluation of a series of fundamental variables that are listed below:

  • The joint harmony of the patient's head and forehead.
  • Age.
  • The location of the first capillary line, both at that time and in the long term.
  • The estimated development of your baldness.
  • The general appearance and balance of the subject's face.

In this sense, nowadays other factors are also considered different from the previous ones, such as the inclination and the direction that the hair follicles grafted will present throughout their evolution. The greater the number of nuances taken into account, as is logical, the greater the naturalness achieved with the hair graft.

Naturalness depends on the donor area of ​​the patient

Apart from the previously exposed conditions, another requirement of notable relevance to achieve a hair implant that enjoys a totally natural appearance, is determined by the disposition by the individual of an ideal donor area, since it must be obtained from it the necessary number of follicular units.

Once this requirement is satisfied, the rest will be in the hands of the aesthetic criterion of the hair expert and that the specialized clinic presents adequate facilities, the most sophisticated instruments and a team of professionals at a height of what a hair graft treatment requires for its execution.

The result of the capillary graft after the surgery will depend on the evaluation of a series of fundamental variables.

Thus, the most recent techniques will leave scars barely imperceptible as a result of suturing the indispensable cuts. Moreover, they will be so small that, even if the patient has short hair, this could serve to cover them.

However, it should not be ignored that, during the hours following the implant, the frontal area and the eyelids could indicate some swelling, although these are typical manifestations of hair surgery and can also be treated thanks to the drugs that the specialist prescribes to the patient for that purpose.

It’s very difficult to perceive a hair graft

Differences respect the old techniques of hair transplantation

Many years ago, when the practice of hair implants began, the procedures used were much more elementary than those available today, so the naturalness of the results of the capillary graft also left much to be desired: tufts, the so-called "doll hair" , etc.

Luckily, however, these techniques of capillary surgery were left behind and have been replaced by other more sensitive techniques, through which the possibility of obtaining and then grafting the patient's hair is granted, always taking precautions. The direct consequence is none other than a natural result of the  capillary implant.

Many years ago the results of the capillary graft also left much to be desired. Nowadays this problem has solved.

In addition, since the hair that is inserted comes from the scalp of the same patient, the surgical procedures of hair transplant manage to discard those hypothetical situations in which the rejection of the graft could occur.

What capillary procedure has a more natural result?

The natural appearance after a hair micro implant is achieved using any of the two most widespread hair techniques currently:

After the surgery, it will start its growth cycle and the results of the capillary implant will begin to be visible.

After the surgery, it will start its growth cycle and the results of the capillary implant will begin to be visible.

  • Technique of the strip or FUSS
  • Technique of individual extraction of follicles or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

It’s true that the FUE method has the benefit of increasing the surgical precision, since the hair follicles are obtained one by one, before proceeding to the implant. Likewise, it uses the most novel tools, so that the intervention doesn’t entail side effects for the patient.

What are the expected results?

Once the initial days have elapsed, the swelling of the frontal area that we referred to, as well as other small complications, will go down in history, so that the person submitted to the hair graft will go back to his usual routine in a gradual manner.

At first, the transplanted hair will come off as a result of the manipulation process to which it has been exposed. However, about three months later, it will start its growth cycle and the final results of the capillary graft will begin to be visible.

They begin to be perceived after three months, but they will not be fully developed until about seven months have passed. It will be at this precise moment when it is confirmed that the appearance that the patient will present after capillary micro grafting surgery will be characterized by its extraordinary naturalness.

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