Esbeltia Clinic Barcelona

The clinic in Barcelona

After consolidating in Málaga as a reference aesthetic center, an expert in Capillary Surgery, Esbeltia Clinic began its journey in Barcelona as a medical center specialized in the treatment and prevention of alopecia, using the most advanced techniques of capillary micrografting.

In its beginnings, Clínica Esbeltia Barcelona is located in Passeig Manuel Girona, number 14 (Barcelona), where it shares facilities with Pedralbes clinic, authorized center for the practice of Major Ambulatory Surgery (CMA) in the field of aesthetic surgery.

The technological quality of these facilities merge with an impeccable aesthetic, neoclassical style, which provides a pleasant atmosphere. The white color predominates with touches of gold that gives the rooms a warm touch.

Maximum level surgical area

The operating rooms of the Clínica Esbeltia Barcelona have a qualification level of most prestigious hospitals. Therefore, capillary graft interventions are carried out with maximum guarantees.

The block of operating rooms of the clinic is structured following scrupulously the current regulations. Among other spaces, it consists of a pre-anesthesia area, a medical washing area with direct access to the operating room and a recovery area easily accessible for companions.